Why Saguramo?

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In Georgia, there’s probably nobody who lives in the big city and hasn’t once thought about moving and living out of town. 


In just 25 minutes from Tbilisi, in the green and calm environment of Saguramo, there’s a new project building – two-storied houses with private garden and a pool – a perfect opportunity, to live close to the city, in the space fully equipped with all the comfort and infrastructure and, at the same time, see the green landscapes from your window, and breathe fresh air when walking outside.

It’s not news that living close to nature is very beneficial – we know it. But, for more clarity, we can rely on more exact and well-founded reasons too.


  1. People that live in “greener” areas will typically live longer in comparison to those who live in urban environments. In fact, it is not nature itself that gives you a couple of extra years on the planet. According to the study, living close to nature will provide you with “improved mental health, social engagement and physical activity”. So, the greener – the healthier and livelier.
  2. Sadly, air pollution is one of the most pressing and damaging issues in the world. Including, here, in Georgia. The air pollution index in the big cities is significantly higher than the permitted norms. Out of town, we can breathe considerably fresher air, as the trees can help to absorb dangerous particles in the air. In other words, the more trees you have around your house, the more “protected” you are. Also, the factories and transportation are two of the biggest contributors to air pollution. You would find neither of those in the woods.
  3. One more important factor is the ability to relax. Which, of course, is much more convenient when we’re far from the noise and chaos of the big cities and are surrounded by the sounds of nature.
  4. To relax in a calm environment, of course, means decreasing stress levels. The time spent alone or with our loved ones close to nature, significantly affects our everyday life – how we deal with the constant stress and problems.

So, you decide what environment you want to spend your time in going back home. 

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